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The Elite Engine: November 2 2020

Notes from our Principal

Happy November! It’s been two years since we relocated into our commercial premises and one of the best decisions I’ve made as a business owner! We absolutely love being so central and are constantly welcoming our clients and trades-people into our home-themed office!

It’s been another busy week in the office and I’ve loved touching base with not just our Landlord’s, but also our tenants.

At present we are loaded with paperwork for all the insurance claims post the hail storm in April. We’ve seen many successful applications with new roofs pending, but unfortunately the process is drawn out due to the mass volume of claims within the local area. There was an inundation of claims to the region which has caused multiple businesses to relocate from down south. Even with the additional trade help, they are expecting the work to take up to 2 years to complete within the local area. If you have not yet had your roof assessed, please feel free to contact us. It may be well worth the free inspection.

This extra growth within the region has also been a contributing factor to the already tight-vacancy-market. This week we have one property vacant and one pending. There are approximately 25 rental applications in process and soon to be completed. There is also a large demand for properties in Yeppoon and Gracemere. With an all time low interest rate, and the current shortage of properties, now is the time to invest in our Region. We’d love to hear from you if this is what you’d consider!



5 Minutes with...

Naomi Barton [Guardian Smoke Alarms]

1. How long have you owned Guardian? Since July 2016

2. What’s your highlight of the journey? Taking a business that was going nowhere and see it flourish.

3. Funniest moments (after the fact)? Servicing and fitting a new hardwired alarm to the wrong property. It turned into a regular client.

4. Most frustrating part of the job?


5. Why Smoke Alarms?

It started out as a business opportunity and has grown into a passion. Educating people that they are important and there is very much a big difference in types of alarms and why.


Vacancy Rate:



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