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property management

Your property investments are a business, there is no doubt about that. But with Elite, it’s never just business – it’s personal.


Elite Real Estate provides highly personalised property management services to Central Queensland and the Banana Shire, with a focus on relationship building and exceptional customer service. In practical terms, this means same-day attention to your needs, proactive property maintenance and capital gains suggestions. This, coupled with our unique HouseMatch tenant selection process, guarantees to minimise any vacancy time.


Whether you’re located on the other side of town or on the other side of the globe, Elite’s relational, one-on-one approach to property management will ensure you feel comfortable that your investment is in good hands. Clients and customers are the most important asset of Elite Real Estate, and will always be our main focus.


We believe that trust is earned, never expected, and so our long term commitment is to provide a complete property management service at an outstanding level of excellence.


Elite Real Estate’s processes and systems will ensure we meet goals that align with our philosophy for delivering unparalleled results with the utmost level of professionalism.  

Our vision is to ensure your investment is performing the best it possibly can. That's the kind of peace of mind that money can't buy.

property rockhampton


Here at Elite, we care for your property as if it were our own. Our service-focused team makes the process of leasing and managing as simple and stress-free for you as possible. 

Property Management is Our Focus

Property management is our passion and what we do best! This focus enables us to devote our energy to you and your property, so you get the best possible long term returns.

property investment rockhampton
property investment rockhampton

We Manage Less - You Gain More

The vision of Elite Real Estate is to provide a personal, high touch approach to property management. We believe relationships are our key difference, and Elite has been specifically structured to ensure quality service. Each of our property agents will be dedicated to one portfolio to ensure your needs are met with consistent communication.


We believe that quality advice is one of the greatest investments you’ll receive. To this end, we aim to Always Be Educating. We won’t withhold any information from you and we will make it our mission to provide informative, helpful advice regarding your investment property.

property rockhampton
elite real estate

One-touch Communication

One single property agent at Elite will look after all your needs as a landlord, so you’ll know the name of your property manager (and most likely their favourite coffee!). You will also benefit from the collective experience, knowledge, and expertise of our entire team and professional consultants. 

best property management rockhampton

A New Formula

Elite Real Estate has developed a revolutionary tenant service called HouseMatch. Think of it as a sales approach to rentals – we use a unique database to perfectly match your home to a pre-approved tenant’s needs.

Tailored Services

Your property management requirements are unique, so we believe the service you receive should be unique also. We build a personal relationship with you so that we can offer the service you need, whether that means involving you in every decision, or taking responsibility for decision making on your behalf.

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Hands-on Director

Most real estate agencies are run by sales directors who take very little interest in the property management department. At Elite Real Estate, Elizabeth is a property investor like you, and takes a hands-on-role in the day to day business, keeping property management as our main focus. 

best property management rockhampton
property management rockhampton


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