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The Elite Engine: February 9 2021

Notes from our Principal

elizabeth hood

It’s hard to believe we are already in the second month of the year with January passing like a whirlwind. January and February are both typically the busiest months of the year for our industry and especially more for Rockhampton as a named Regional town. We see a great influx of professionals to the region at the beginning of every year which means that properties commonly roll through tenancies at this time, keeping us busy! At present, and even with the turnover of these tenancies, our vacancy rate remains at zero percent! It’s a great time to invest with rents escalating and with minimal vacancy periods.

January—We celebrated 5 years in business! It was an exciting start to the busy year with our first milestone celebration. Such a memorable night surrounded by staff, contractors, clients and friends. We all consider ourselves extremely blessed to work together and on your behalf in caring for your properties. We appreciate the relationships we have built with each of you over the last few years and look forward to continuing to do so! We have some exciting news coming and looking forward to announcing that shortly! Stay tuned for more news from our team as we intend to make this year, a big one!

Have a great week!



5 Years of Elite!


5 Minutes with...

Aiden Neale [A Plus Plumbing]

A Plus Plumbing Elite Real Estate

1. How long have you been in industry?

2 years.

2. What’s your highlight of the journey?

Working for myself and constantly meeting new people.

3. Embarrassing moment?

Watching the apprentices at work.

4. Most frustrating part of the job?

To be honest, I don’t have many. I enjoy what I do and go with the flow.

5. Why Plumbing?

I got roped into it. LOL. Seriously, just evolved and found myself loving what I do.


Vacancy Rate:



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