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Elizabeth is a fast-rising star in the world of Property Management. With over a decade of experience under her belt, Elizabeth began Elite Real Estate to meet the need for an agency with a personal touch, built on relationships.


Recognised nationally for her excellence in building a property management business, and with three accredited Business Development Manager of the Year Awards in 2014/2015, Elizabeth brings a wealth of experience to Elite Real Estate.


Elizabeth has a passion for property and the drive to see property owners in CQ well looked after. With her regular property market updates, Elizabeth keeps her finger on the pulse of the Central Queensland Real Estate Market, and Elite clients benefit from this knowledge.


 Elizabeth is backed by full REIQ accreditation and membership.

Elizabeth Hood


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property management rockhampton
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Sharni Simpson elite

Sharni Simpson


Sharni commenced her journey with Elite in early 2018 and is a valuable asset to the team.  Coming from a detailing background, She prides herself with attention to detail and this experience gives her success as an Inspection Officer.

Sharni is based on the Yeppoon Coast with her family and has been a local resident of the region for life. Sharni is a favourite, not only for our landlords, but also for the tenants with her warm approach and care for both the large, but also the simple things. She adds that special touch to all our clients, but is also well known for her firm stance when it comes to ensuring properties are well cared for and maintained according to tenancy obligations. Best explained, Sharni is firm but kind!

Sharni has a real gift and passion for Property Management.

Her favourite part of the job is the satisfaction of seeing clients happy!

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Melissa Newman property rockhampton

Melissa Newman


I have lived in the Rockhampton region in addition of 15 years and I am proud to call this place home!  I know the area well, and love the City, however secretly, I have a soft spot for the Country.

I commenced my journey with Elite Real Estate in December 2019 and have loved both the work I do, and the Team I am a part of.  I am excited with the launch of Elite Sales as this now enables me to continue to work with the team I have grown with and I promise to continue to deliver the same quality approach to Sales that aligns with the vision and values of Elite and the Property Management Team.

My passion is to help our clients achieve their dreams!  Life is full of seasons and each season brings a different purpose. Whether this is to be the proud owner of a first home, upgrading as the family grows, or perhaps down-grading so as to travel.  It may be to grow a portfolio as an investor, or perhaps to help a family member live in their own home.  Regardless, each decision is an important factor in someone's life, and I feel privileged to be apart of.  My goal is to make each new season, a memorable one!

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marissa titmarsh

Marissa Titmarsh


Marissa embraced her Real Estate journey in 2020 and hit the ground running following an unexpected change brought by covid. Prior to this, Marissa has been working as a Travel Agent, managing agencies as well as owning and operating her own Travel business. Now she is diving into the Real Estate Industry and from her own personal experience, understands how stressful the process of buying or selling can be.

Marissa says the process you embark on can take time, in some cases A LOT of time, A LOT of decision making, researching insurance, brokers vs banks, agents, build vs buy, government grants, reading and hearing endless reviews that all seem to contradict each other. There are just so many option to consider which can make it truly OVERWHELMING.

This is where Marissa can step in and assist you with even the 'little things'.

She can carefully find and design every little piece of your real estate puzzle. It is a puzzle she has completed many, many times in her 15 year career within Travel and although the picture might be a little different in Real Estate, the process is very much the same. Marissa knows what to look for in the ideal hotel/home and knows how to find the best airfare to get you to your destination in the most convenient and cost effective way, or in Real Estate terms, she can guide you towards the best broker or financial advice that best suits you and your personal situation.

But more importantly, Marissa can weave in her self-discipline and drive to deliver results!

"It's the little things that matter most"

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Brooke Hatchman elite real estate rockhampton

Brooke Hatchman


Brooke commenced her role with Elite as a receptionist in April 2019 and has grown with Elite as it has grown.

She has a gift for customer service and is exceptional with her phone manner and communication, giving all customers confidence. With her ability to speak calmly, and her inward confidence, Brooke is a favourite when it comes to listening and understanding clients needs.

Brooke assists with all of our lease renewals, ensuring up to date market comparison reports are provided regularly to clients and that their assets are protected with fixed term leases and maximum yield is guaranteed.

Brooke has a beautiful empathetic nature and her genuine qualities are an enormous asset to our Elite Team.

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Tyneisha Blucher-Fraser


Tyneisha, commenced her journey with Elite in July 2021 and has embraced her role with great enthusiasm. With her bright and positive personality she has easily fit into her role and felt like a part of the Elite family right from day one!

Tyneisha is such a quick learner and she has made great progress in a short time. Armed with strong customer service, Tyneisha assists with processing all rental applications and other documents.

With plans to complete her real estate certificate and further advance her property management skills within the coming year, the future looks incredibly bright for Tyneisha!