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The Elite Engine: February 23 2021

Notes from our Principal

Melissa Newman sales agent rockhampton

We have news!

Over the last few years as you know, we have focused our business entirely on Property Management! Property Management is something we are passionate about and will al- ways remain close to our heart and soul. As a result, the decision hasn’t come lightly and we have put a great deal of consideration into ensuring it’s the right one.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our clients with regards to the service in which we provide and many have asked that this same service be delivered across all platforms. With the current market on the rise, and a higher need for many to consider selling, we wanted to provide our clients the opportunity to remain with Elite whilst doing so. We have a close working relationship with both our landlords and our tenants and ideally it works best when this relationship is upheld during the selling process.

We are offering a competitive rate on our commission to keep the sales process affordable and we look forward to assisting both our existing clientele and also those looking to strategically invest! If you are wanting a sales appraisal, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Have a great week!



Your Sales Expert!

Sales appraisal rockhampton elite

Melissa commenced her journey with Elite in 2019. She has since gained her sales certificate and worked closely with the team and local properties to increase her experience. Mel has a passion for sales and excited that we have made a decision to launch sales so that she can continue to work along side our team and assist the clients she’s grown to love!

Give Melissa a call today on 0400 470 977.


Rental Results

Rental rockhampton elite real estate

Location: Wandal

Type: Lease Break

Was Achieving: $450.00 per week

Achieved: $550.00 per week

Days Vacant: 0 Days


5 Minutes with...

Lewis Fisher [CQ Trees]

CQ Trees Elite Real Estate

1. How long have you been in industry?

7 years.

2. What’s your highlight of the journey?

Progressing and growing as a business. Started off as a 1 man band, and now we employ 5 people. Growth is always exciting!

3. Embarrassing moment?

My tradie tip videos with Elizabeth from Elite ;)

4. Most frustrating part of the job?

Endless hours of paperwork!

5. Why Arboriculture?

I’ve always had a passion for it. Started working for someone else first.


Vacancy Rate:



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