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The Elite Engine: December 14 2020

Notes from our Principal

elizabeth hood

Hello Again from our Team!

It’s great to be back in the office after an amazing 2 weeks with my daughters.

We are now in full gear in the lead up to Christmas and making sure we finish

the year strong!

As you can see, our vacancy rate remains at zero percent and the rental market is extremely strong! Properties are renting immediately with prices well in excess of what they were achieving. The Australian Courier mail reported this week that there is a National housing crisis with expectations to worsen as time goes on. It is a prime time to buy right now with a genuine need for housing. With interest rates at an all time low, and rental prices set to soar even further, property investments are guaranteed to succeed.

Please keep in mind that there is just 8 business days remaining until we close for

Christmas. Elite will be closing the office for general practise between 24th December and will re-open on 4th January 2021. We will remain on call for all emergencies

and be in touch if necessary!

It is a perfect time right now to finalize any potential urgent maintenance items prior

to the closure. The majority of contractors are also closing for a few weeks which

means that any potential urgent issues could occur higher callout fees during the closure.

We are continuing to complete inspections right up to Christmas and again in the

New Year. If you would like to attend your next property inspection, feel free to let us


Have a great week—We will be in touch!



5 Minutes with...

Mitchell Feekings [Climatized Business Group]

1. How long have you been in industry?

Started in Building in 2006. Carpenter by trade. Builders license in 2012.

2. What’s your highlight of the journey?

Satisfaction when doing things with your hands, especially when helping people and giving their homes a massive facelift.

3. Funniest moment?

Ripping my pants on site in front of clients

4. Most frustrating part of the job?

When the jobs don’t align to plan because the trades sometimes see grass is greener elsewhere. Whey they take a short term view instead of long term.

5. Why Building?

Love the satisfaction of the result at the end of the day. Looking at the big picture and seeing the domino effect and improvement to the City when homes are improved.


Vacancy Rate:



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