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Presentation is Key

If there is one thing I’ve learnt over the last 20 years in the Real Estate industry, it’s the importance of presentation! Whether you are renting, or selling your property, the most crucial factor in returning the highest yields most usually lies in the smallest details.

First impressions count

It’s no secret: First impressions are everything and there is no time more important, than now! It all starts from the curb, and very commonly, decisions are made before a prospective buyer even walks through your front door. It is extremely important to ensure the street appeal of your property is appealing, or at minimum, simple and tidy. Less can often be more, and those finer details create the most significant impacts with not only a decision to buy, but also what that offer of sale is. If you want to achieve the highest possible price (that all applies to us!), then it is imperative you take time to prepare your property to sell. The exterior of your home and it’s presentation is vital and by maximising the visual presentation in small ways, you can also maximise your results.

By taking time to just water the lawns (anything green is a big tick), weeding, or eliminating unnecessary garden beds can make a significant impact on price. Other areas of recommendation can include pressure cleaning of the exterior of the home, checking and cleaning of gutters, or perhaps securing loose palings on a fence. A small investment into tidying the exterior of your property could be the critical factor in determining a successful outcome!

8 second rule

Purchasing a property is one of the biggest decisions a person will make and great consideration will be factored in. Likewise, the same amount of preparation and thought needs to be invested into preparing a property for its sale. Sometimes the decision can also be emotional (understandably) but systemising the process gives you more peace of mind and importantly also streamlines the timeline from date of contract right through to its settlement. Most buyers will want a move-in property that feels like new (even, if aged).

A long list of chores and repairs will not be appealing and can potentially push buyers away, or alternatively reduce your sale price drastically. The best thing you can do is remove as many of those ‘items’ from their list as you can. Statistically, buyers decide in the first 8 seconds of seeing a home if they’re interested in buying it. Don’t forget to walk in their shoes, and see what they may see within those first 8 seconds!

We are in your corner

As Agents, our goal is to become a master of the home-selling process! We will work hard to be your advocate in assisting you through the process and providing you peace of mind through each stage. The most critical time is the preparation and we want to walk with you on the journey before your home hits the market! It will be a rewarding time, we look forward to sharing it with you!


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