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Elizabeth’s Story Hits No 1 on the Amazon Charts!

While people may attribute success to luck, Voices Of Impact, Vol 2 contributor Elizabeth Hood wants you to remember that opportunity is often dressed in overalls and looks like work.

It's not about the things we do rarely with intensity, but rather it's the small, consistent changes we make in our lives that provide the secret to progress says Queensland, Australia based female founder and mentor, Elizabeth Hood in inspiring new book, Voices of Impact, Vol. 2 Empowering Stories From Female Visionaries and Entrepreneurs.

Hood, who is focused on the concept that you don't have to do much to change a lot, hopes her story from unhappy wife to founder of a successful real estate management company will help others embrace that change doesn't have to be overwhelming. While Hood believes breakthroughs are birthed in painful experiences, once it's clear that the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change, it's the small steps that will create big change in life, "I discovered that by changing the small habits in my day, it created a cascading effect of success and change".

Hood encourages those who have goals to see that by changing the little things in their life, they can change a lot. It is the consistency to keep the promises you make to yourself in the small areas of your life that will make a compounding change in every aspect of your life and drive success. Starting her own journey by implementing the 5 common denominators for successful people into her daily routine, Hood found that she couldn't add all of them into her life to start with, and so encourages others to do what they can, "Start with what they have, and focus on changing the little things in their life."

Elizabeth is an inspirational woman sharing her story of vision for impact and giving other women permission and hope for the future. I am grateful to have her in my tribe of authors. Her story is a valuable contribution to Voices of Impact." says Melanie Wood, founder of Voices of Impact Publishing. Which gives women a platform to feel empowered to share their story and have their voice heard while creating an impact.

Learn more about Elizabeth's inspiring story and practical advice for successful change in Voices of Impact, Vol. 2 Empowering Stories From Female Visionaries and Entrepreneurs, which is out now through Voices Of Impact Publishing. Voices of Impact, Vol. 2 Empowering Stories From Female Visionaries and Entrepreneurs follows on from the bestselling Vol 1 to showcase inspiring stories from entrepreneurial and visionary women who through their personal journeys of transformation have risen up with powerful intention to create a purposeful impact.

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