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19 Years in the Industry!

It’s been 19 years since the day I started in Real Estate. A young, and very naive 20 year old but nevertheless a determined young woman. I didn’t go searching for a life in Real Estate, but I now believe it came searching for me!

From the early days as a receptionist, into administration and then Property management. It didn’t end there with extra opportunities leading into commercial, sales and as a PA to the Principal , who was also at the time, my mentor for 14 of those years. I remember two things that he largely engrained in my mind. Firstly, “Start with the end in mind!”. This was probably one of the simplest, yet smartest things I learnt as I quickly worked to NEVER cut corners! Later, he taught me to let things slide like “Water off a ducks back” when so easily in the industry (and life) you realise how cut throat people can be. The quicker I mastered this skill, the happier and stronger I became.

In 2012, I was given the opportunity to become the BDM where I quickly launched myself into marketing, branding and networking. This was a role I loved and thoroughly immersed myself in my passion for people and property and worked hard for years to then achieve a highlight career of 3 National BDM of the year awards in 2015.

Then... came the launch of my own baby, Elite Real Estate. In January 2016, after 6 weeks of jumping through hoops and presenting business plans, hoping people would believe in me, my dream began. If I thought I knew hard work at that point, I had no comprehension what that next level would involve. Hard work has never intimidated me, but with the extra responsibilities and challenges came the utmost tests of resilience.

If that wasn’t enough, thrown into the mix of this was a messy divorce in the starting year of Elite which sadly delivered a whole world of personal pain & challenges to juggle all whilst I continued to grow my business, write and embed business systems and train staff. To add to this, was the everyday tasks, wearing every hat whilst I had to hammer in signs, pay wages, and meet clients all, whilst trying to keep my world together, or simply still, be a mum to my daughters. I was juggling sometimes up to 20 hours per day, 6 days a week, and may I add with plenty of criticism and opinions never asked for, but regularly given, or inboxed to me. I lost a majority of friends at the time, but regardless, I REFUSED TO QUIT!!

We recently celebrated 5 years in business and it was one of the happiest moments of my life whilst I was surrounded by many I’ve grown to love! My mindset had changed a lot over the last few years and as a result, so had the culture of our team!! Last year I thought I was unlucky when I had a bad fall down stairs and fractured my sacrum (lower part of back) and immediately following had major shoulder surgery. I was astonished to see the magic when a team unites and stands up together. Sometimes, some of the best gifts in life come badly wrapped and I’m so incredibly grateful that life continually gives me what I need, even though I might not want it at the time. I’ve learnt to trust my journey and know that the best for me, will be! I give a huge Thankyou for the team that has been apart of the Elite journey, not only in the younger and harder days but also now. I’m grateful to have an amazing group of strong queens around me that make working together so powerful 💪

With 19 years ticked off, I have taken time to reflect on my past and I am most proud of the fact that I never gave up!! More excitingly, with the future ahead, I have reset some big goals for myself and all I can say is... bring it on!!

I have nothing to lose by giving my all to life and I want to live a life knowing, that this life received my ALL!


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